Figment Networks open sources tools and research for networks.

In addition to running crypto networks, we create open source software and publish economic research for the community.


Hubble shows you the performance of Cosmos validators.

We build and share tools for the community to learn about network health and performance so you can make better decisions about where to stake your crypto-assets.

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Baking Tezos? Simplify your reward payouts with our batching tool.

Safely and securely pay your delegators with a simple command-line interface that handles all the heavy lifting of building transaction payloads, signing, and verification.

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Featured Research

Tezos Baking Economics

This guide aims to explain some of the assumptions and caveats relating to the above set of projections modeling the operations and ļ¬nancials of baking in Tezos.

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Crypto Stories: A Primer on CryptoNative Funds

Andrew Cronk (Figment), Meher Roy (Chorus One), and Jake Brukhman (CoinFund) discuss evaluating crypto networks and what it means to have institutional investors paying attention to the space.

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