Tezos New Year Update

Happy 2019! Looks like this year could be a very interesting year for Tezos as exchanges and custodians like Coinbase become more involved in PoS blockchains. As reported by Coinbase’s blog, they are looking into adding staking features to their core platform, and have made moves such as investing in Staked.us.

The past holidays, however, has been mostly quiet for Tezos with the exception of us passing the landmark 64th cycle. For those unfamiliar, between the 1st and 64th cycle, the bond requirement for staking increased linearly until it reached the full bond requirements a few days ago. I explain bonding in more detail in the Tezos Baking Economics Guide.

Here are some additional highlights:

  • We see that bond as a % of staking has dropped slightly to the range of 10% to 11.5% (as referenced by the blue line in the chart below). This was caused by a sudden relative plateauing of the total frozen XTZ while the total staking XTZ jumped by 7.2M to 486M on January 4.
    Frozen XTZ
  • The % of XTZ staking has steadily increased from 61% to 65% from December 1 to January 12.
    % XTZ Staking
  • Correspondingly, the number of XTZ staked has increased from 372M to 388M from December 1 to January 12.
    Total XTZ Delegated
  • The number of delegators has steadily increased by 8% (from 10,968 to 11,880) during the same period as Tezos gradually gains more popularity.
    Total XTZ Delegators
  • Luckily, there has been no additional cases of double baking from December to January so the total double bakes remain at 92.

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