Launch of Tezos Dashboard

It’s been a newsworthy few weeks within the Tezos community, first with the 90-minute network stall caused by a single baker, followed by an attack of the network resulting in 200,000+ new spam Tezos accounts being created (causing the number of accounts to increase by more than 5X).

At Figment, we‘ve created internal dashboards for tracking the core metrics of the Tezos network. We believe it’s important to be aware of developing trends and events similar to the above as soon as they occur.

In the spirit of building a more informed and active Tezos community, we’d like to open these dashboards to the general public. If you’re reading this and have suggestions for new ways to visualize the health and adoption of Tezos, please leave a comment below. We’re actively working on adding new metrics and dashboards as part of this effort.

I’m detailing some of the information contained in our dashboards in the next sections.

Tezos Core Metrics

This set of dashboards contain information relating to delegation, staking, accounts, and frozen XTZ.

On November 14, we’ve started noticing a new trend with a higher rate of new XTZ accounts being created. See below chart. Within a few days, we realized it was likely a spam attack given the abnormal curve and lack of other indicators such as increases in XTZ movement.

tezos dashboard

In another example, we see that ~8.5% of staking XTZ is currently held in bond whereas ~7% of full balance XTZ is currently frozen. The current sloped trend depicted in the below chart is observed due to the initial ramp-up of the bond requirement along with the percent of XTZ being staked. For more information on bonds and staking, refer to our Tezos Economics Guide.

tezos dashboard

Double Baking

This set of dashboards show the top offenders of double baking along with the top denouncers, and the bonds and rewards being lost. We also track double baking over time.

In general, the Foundation Bakers seem to be the dominant force behind the number of double bakers being denounced. See below.

tezos dashboard

We also took notice when we saw that the baker tz1KksC8RvjUWAbXYJuNrUbontHGor26Cztk double baked twice on November 19, and lost a total of ~39,000 bond and rewards. This was later proved to be the cause of the 90-minute stall of the Tezos network at level 200704 on November 23. We show the top double bakers by XTZ lost below.

tezos dashboard

Onwards and Upwards

With these and other dashboards in our pipeline, we hope delegators, bakers, and the general Tezos community will become more informed. Our goal is to help the community detect abnormalities within the network with higher efficiency so we can drive towards a stronger adoption of Tezos!

Feedback and suggestions for changes/corrections welcome.

Thanks to Andy, Matt, and Lorien for review and feedback about the above article. If you’d like to learn more about the Figment Networks Baker and our unique approach, please email at If you are looking for our work on Cosmos, please check here.