Future of Staking Podcast Series: Understanding Risk

The Future of Staking Podcast Series focuses on what we expect to see grow as important products and new ideas circulating in the Proof of Stake ecosystem in 2020 and beyond. 

This week we chatted with Marouane Haji of Unslashed Finance and Gavin Mcdermott of IDEO CoLab.

Unslashed & IDEO

Our Guests

Marouane Haji, Cofounder at Unslashed Finance – Unslashed Finance is a new insurance layer coming to the proof of stake ecosystem. Unslashed is building an insurance marketplace that allows users to buy or sell insurance, which features automatic claims and is fully collateralized. 

Gavin Mcdermott, Investor at IDEO CoLab Ventures – IDEO CoLab Ventures is the investing and co-creation arm of IDEO CoLab that focuses on early stage distributed web startups. IDEO CoLab has investments in blockchain projects like NEAR Protocol and Messari.

Main Takeaways

Pricing risk in the Proof of Stake ecosystem is currently difficult. Millions of historical data points are used to price risk in traditional insurance marketplaces. Unfortunately, the Proof of Stake ecosystem doesn’t have that luxury. Regardless, the ability to insure risk has the potential to bring many new users into the Proof of Stake ecosystem. 

In this podcast we discuss current staking risk, the potential risk associated with new products being offered in the Proof of Stake ecosystem, the importance of data, the importance of the humans behind these products and services, and what we can learn from historical events in order to grow this space in a sustainable way.

“We need to be able to understand and iterate much faster than we have in the past because we’re seeing explosive growth, and that’s an awesome thing on one side, but the flip side of that coin is the destructive nature of that type of velocity.”

Gavin Mcdermott, Investor at IDEO CoLab Ventures

“Blockchain is going to do to finance what the internet did to other industries over the last 20 years. So for me, it’s all about finance and we are in a position to build new financial primitives and financial products.”

Marouane Haji, Cofounder at Unslashed Finance