Four Leading Staking Protocols join Figment’s Hubble Staking Platform

We are excited to announce that Livepeer, Tezos, Oasis and Skale will be joining the Hubble community, bringing the total to eight leading Proof of Stake (PoS) networks.

Figment’s Mission: End-user Adoption

At Figment, our mission is to enable the adoption, decentralization, and usability of stake-based blockchains.  Core teams count on us to take on responsibilities that must be decentralized.  To accomplish this mission, we offer protocol users a comprehensive set of tools and services, including enterprise-grade staking services and the multi-network Hubble staking platform.

As new PoS based protocols launch, each with their own unique value proposition, it’s critical that they develop and grow their communities and ecosystem participation.  This starts with node operators who produce blocks and provide network security. It then quickly moves up the chain of value to include token-holders, oracles, data providers, exchanges, custodians and DApp developers.  At Figment, we believe that in order for a network to succeed, each user group needs a simple but robust interface to the blockchain. Hubble is that interface.

The Hubble Community


With this in mind, we are proud to announce that four leading PoS protocols will be joining Hubble, with more to be announced shortly.  Hubble is the only multi-network platform where users, such as node providers, token-holders, and other service providers, can interact with the leading PoS blockchains.   

We are incredibly excited about having a community focused platform where the SKALE’s validators, delegators and other members can interact with the SKALE Network.

Jack O’Holleran, CEO SKALE Labs

Each network has its own unique requirements.  Figment has added a combination of customized validator analytics, events/alerts, governance tools, and rewards reporting for these four networks. 

Community participation is one of the core values for Tezos. We’re looking forward to having Hubble as another platform for our validators, delegators, and various stakeholders to interface with the Tezos protocol.

Jacob Arluck, TQ Group

Hubble: An accessibility layer for blockchain networks

New PoS networks will succeed or fail based upon the engagement of their token-holders, infrastructure providers, and end-users. Hubble helps in three ways:

  1. Coordinating validators in pre-launch testnets; 
  2. Educating token-holders with historical performance analytics, data, real-time alerts on mainnet; and 
  3. Enabling governance to help the network evolve and grow.

Hubble is designed to be the ubiquitous data and tool set for all of a network’s participants.  Hubble provides historical and live data about and across PoS networks. Token-holders, using Hubble, can also directly stake with their chosen node operators and easily participate in network management and governance. Hubble is the cross-network data source and tool designed to empower users. We’re proud and honored to be trusted by eight PoS networks and their users.  Going forward we will be announcing many more features in an effort to continue serving the PoS community. 

More to Come

We’ve been impressed with the community of passionate stakeholders that Hubble has built around it for Cosmos and are looking forward to launching our Oasis mainnet with a community tool of its caliber.

Anne Fauvre, Oasis Labs

Since the first version of Hubble for Cosmos, we’ve learned a lot about what is required to launch and grow a new staking-based blockchain.  And we’re only just getting started…with a host of new services and tools being built as these networks mature.

About Figment

Based in Canada, serving token-holders worldwide and venture-funded, Figment Networks is the country’s largest blockchain infrastructure and staking provider. Figment is trusted by over 300 customers and partners worldwide with more than 35 million tokens under management across 14 PoS networks.

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