Delegate to Any Cosmos Validator Using Your Ledger on Hubble

You can now securely delegate Cosmos Atoms to your favorite Validator using your Ledger in Hubble. No need to compile code and learn the command line. You can also quickly withdraw and redelegate to Validators to compound your earnings.

Step by Step Tutorial

  1. First, find the Validator you want to delegate to on Hubble. For example, here is the Figment Validator.

Click on the white “Delegate Now” button in the top right corner.

2. Next you will be asked to plug in your Ledger to your computer, unlock the device, and open the Cosmos app.

3. Now you will be asked if you’d like to delegate to a new Validator or withdraw and redelegate to an existing Validator.

4. If you click on New Delegation, you’ll next simply fill out how many Atoms you want to delegate and then click the blue “Sign with Ledger” button.

5. Now you need to pick up your Ledger and confirm the transaction on the device. The computer browser will show the loading screen below while waiting for you to confirm on the Ledger. You can click the white “View Raw Transaction” button to verify all the details before confirming on the Ledger.

6. Success! You’ve now delegated and can view the transaction confirmation by clicking the blue “View Transaction” button.

The process for withdraw and redelegate is similar, except you don’t have to type in an amount of Atoms. It automatically redelegates any pending rewards for that Validator.

Now you can securely delegate to any Cosmos Validator using your Ledger without using the command line. Please let us know of any other features that would be helpful to add!