Baking with Figment: Tezos XTZ staking delegation via Tezbox

Ready to bake? Delegate your stake to Figment via Tezbox

You can undelegate instantly at anytime. Remember that it takes ~21 days (7 cycles) to qualify for rewards and a further ~15 days (5 cycles) to receive your rewards, as per the Tezos protocol.

  1. Head to
  2. Select your platform. I’m using the Chrome browser extension and a Ledger hardware wallet, but you may use Tezbox to restore an existing software account.


  3. Once your account is loaded, use the Tezbox dashboard to delegate to Figment, either by selecting ‘Figment’ from the dropdown list, or by entering our baker’s address as a custom delegate:

  4. Confirm the delegation transaction and you should receive a message notifying you if the your delegation was successful. You are now delegating to Figment Networks’ baker.