Why Stake Your Terra LUNA with Figment:

  • Experienced:  Early test-net participant, genesis block producer and maker of Hubble.
  • Reliable: 100% reward success.
  • Trusted: Serving world’s largest LUNA holders including the Terra Foundation.
  • Secure:  The world’s most advanced physical IDC + multi-cloud staking infrastructure.
  • Transparent: Figment is a venture funded,  registered Canadian company, based in Toronto.  Canada offers stability, rule of law and clear crypto regulation.
  • Safe: You maintain custody & control of your LUNA at all times
  • Compliant:  Track real-time, historical, and future estimated returns with Hubble including the only comprehensive and tax compliant daily reward tracking.
  • Governance:  Active participation in Terra community & governance.
  • SLA:  100% missed reward guarantee.  Industry leading delegation Agreement.
  • Receive 88% of delegation rewards (12% fee)
  • Figment Prime available for  > 100,000 LUNA.  Contact us for more information.

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Staking Instructions:


Using a Ledger: stake to Figment using 01Node.

Don’t have a Ledger device?  Download Terra Station and find the Figment validator in the delegation interface.

Already delegating? Follow our redelegation instructions here.

Figment’s address to stake: terravaloper15cupwhpnxhgylxa8n4ufyvux05xu864jcv0tsw

Check out our complete Terra staking guide here.

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Terra is a price-stable cryptocurrency aimed at mass adoption.  The Terra Protocol facilitates the creation of digital assets Terra that track the value of major fiat currencies.

Key features:

  • A family of stable-coins pegged to major currencies, e.g. SDR, USD, KRW, JPY, EUR, and CNY.
  • Stability achieved by creating mining incentives that are countercyclical to Terra demand
  • Delegated Proof-of-Stake (Tendermint) consensus formed over the mining token Luna
  • Zero-spread atomic swap amongst Terra currencies.

Terra Core builds on Tendermint consensus and the Cosmos SDK toolkits. Please make sure to study these projects as well if you are not already familiar.

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Terra Stable Coin | Co-Founder | Luna | price-stable cryptocurrency
Terra Stable Coin | Co-Founder | Luna | price-stable cryptocurrency - youtube Video

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the asset that the validator node receives as a reward?

    Rewards are received in LUNA tokens as well as KRW, SDR, EUR, and USD stablecoins.

  • What is the calculation for each type of reward?

    The Terra network currently pays 10% LUNA rewards per year to all delegators working with SANTA validators (Figment is one of the selected). Staking LUNA also gives delegates a share of the 0.5% transaction fees on the network. Network fees are paid pro-rata based on stake weight in stablecoins. 


  • How are rewards disbursed to the validator node?

    Rewards are distributed automatically each cycle to the validator node. Delegators need to withdraw their rewards from the smart contract after every block proposed by their validator and then decide to redelegate if they wish to compound their rewards. Validators are never in control of the rewards.

  • Are rewards considered liquid (available) or are they locked for a period?

    Rewards are liquid.


  • Can a validator be slashed?

    Yes, slashing can occur under the following conditions:

    • Double Signing: If someone reports on chain A that a validator signed two blocks at the same height on chain A and chain B, and if chain A and chain B share a common ancestor, then this validator will get slashed on chain A

    • Unavailability: If a validator’s signature has not been included in the last X blocks, the validator will get slashed by a marginal amount proportional to X. If X is above a certain limit Y, then the validator will get unbonded

    • Non-voting: If a validator did not vote on a proposal, its stake will receive a minor slash. (does not appear to be implemented yet)


  • What is the bonding period? Unbonding period?

    There is no bonding period.

    There is a 21 day un-bonding period to transfer your tokens after staking.  During the un-bonding period your ATOMS are illiquid and may still be subject to slashing.


  • Do I maintain custody and control of my LUNA when staking?

    You maintain custody of your KUNA at all times.

    Your LUNA stay in your wallet and you can change your delegation at any time.

    All LUNA token transfers, including rewards, are processed within the Terra protocol.  Figment never has custody of your tokens or rewards.

    There is a 21 day un-bonding period to transfer your tokens after staking.  During the un-bonding period your ATOMS are illiquid and may still be subject to slashing.

  • What are the risks of staking LUNA?

    Figment provides a  100% missed reward guarantee for any missed rewards due to liveness (downtime).

    Your tokens are subject to a potential 5% slashing a validator “double-signs”.   See how Figment approaches infrastructure and operations to protect against double signing here and here.

    Figment has a perfect operating record and has never missed rewards for downtime or been slashed.

  • How do I acquire Terra LUNA tokens?

    The following exchanges trade in LUNA: