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Cosmos Validator

We give you the tools to be in control of your staking, make informed decisions, and track returns.


Figment Networks is the legal and compliance focused Cosmos Validator. Drawing on years of data center, software, and security experience, we offer industry leading best practices to keep your tokens safe and optimized for yield. Based in Canada, we provide transparency, legal stability, and regulatory clarity.

Stake your ATOMs with Figment

Figment Validator
  • Keep control of your ATOMs and stake with the Figment Validator
  • Maximize your staking compared to other validators with our "No Jail Time Guarantee"
  • Returns are determined by Cosmos Network usage, and currently in the 7% - 20% per year range
Large Delegations Rebate Program
  • If you are a large ATOM holder, you can get monthly rebates to lower your net fees
  • Increased annual returns estimated compared to standard staking
  • Backed by binding and enforceable Canadian legal contracts including a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Your ATOMs remain in your wallet and rebates are handled monthly off-chain

Figment Validator Benefits


You keep custody of your ATOMs at all times. Your ATOMs stay in your wallet and you can change your delegation at any time.

Our "No Jail Time Guarantee" means that even if the Figment Validator becomes jailed your returns will not be affected.


Stay up to date and track our status with the Figment Validator Page on Hubble.

Operational Excellence

Our experience in operating and monitoring data centers allows us to maintain a near 100% uptime and low missed block rate. Our network infrastructure is automated and continuously monitored, and alerts are configured around key operations.


The Figment Validator operates out of secure and redundant internet data center (IDC) in Ontario, Canada.

All ATOM token transfers are handled in the Cosmos protocol, and we never have custody of your tokens.

To improve the robustness of our software and strengthen the network, we've begun to open source our software on other networks and intend to do so with Cosmos.


Figment Networks Inc. is a registered Canadian corporation based in Toronto, Ontario.

Operating in the Canadian jurisdiction has several benefits:

  • Clear laws around crypto network operator businesses (ex. mining)
  • Enforced rule of law
  • Stable government
  • Publicly traded crypto businesses

Figment Networks strives in all ways to operate an above board, safe and transparent business that protects our customers while still innovating.

Our industry-leading Delegation Agreement ensures compliance.

Staking with Hubble

Hubble supports delegation to any validator with
Chrome, Brave, and Opera using a Ledger Nano S.

Staking Step by Step

Staking takes about 5 minutes is done using a command-line interface on Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

Staking Setup and Prep Info

You'll need to gather the following info:

  1. Figment Validator Address: cosmosvaloper1hjct6q7npsspsg3dgvzk3sdf89spmlpfdn6m9d
  2. Amount you want to stake: example 100000000000uatom
  3. Gas price you want to set: example 1uatom
  4. Your key name: example myKeyName

Next, you will run three commands that do the following:

  1. Connect to the Figment Cosmos Full-Node
  2. Configure your connection
  3. Make a 100,000 ATOM delegation (change as needed). Note the use of micro-ATOM units below (uatom).
Staking Commands to Run

Run these commands in your command-line terminal to stake your ATOMs with the Figment Validator:

  • gaiacli config node
  • gaiacli config trust-node false
  • gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1hjct6q7npsspsg3dgvzk3sdf89spmlpfdn6m9d 100000000000uatom --from myKeyName --gas auto --gas-prices 0.025uatom --chain-id cosmoshub-2

You can also follow along with the instructions in the official guide.

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