Figment Networks is the open source
crypto network operator.

We provide access to a growing portfolio of new and groundbreaking digital assets. We perform the research and due diligence to ensure the quality and sustainability of the underlying assets, and to continually build the right infrastructure that makes participating in these assets simple.

We build and share tools for the community to learn about network health and performance so you can make better decisions about where to stake your crypto-assets. For example, we offer tools like Hubble (a node/validation performance reporting tool for Cosmos) as well as validator nodes within the Cosmos Network and Tezos Network.

A Secure Way to Delegate

Our staking infrastructure is built from the ground up with security and reliability in mind. We have a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures that we follow and perform regular audits of our technology stack and facilities.

Hosting is primarily done in Canada , where laws around crypto are clearer, in addition to offering the network geographic and jurisdictional diversity. We have invested in a hybrid approach to infrastructure: multiple public cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and more) privately connected to managed servers in secure colocation data centers. This allows us to use Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to offer high security for private keys, while obtaining the flexibility and scale of public cloud services.

Here are a few of the measures we put in place to ensure the safety of your tokens:

  • SOC-2 certified hosting facility with 1+1 power redundancy, climate control, fiber wiring, and biometric access control.
  • Multiple on-premise and off-premise secure server backup and redundancy in case of a catastrophic data center failure.
  • Signing nodes are inaccessible from the internet, and peer via encrypted VPN with cloud hosted sentry nodes that we operate and control.


  • Baking is performed via a Ledger Nano S for security and mitigating risks of double signing. These devices never leave our secure facilities.
  • Our private keys storing delegation rewards and payouts are always stored on a redundant set of Ledger Nano S devices and never replicated outside of another Ledger Nano S. These devices are stored in bank vaults for added security.
Tezos Baking Economics

This guide aims to explain some of the assumptions and caveats relating to the above set of projections modeling the operations and ļ¬nancials of baking in Tezos.

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Crypto Stories: A Primer on CryptoNative Funds

Andrew Cronk (Figment), Meher Roy (Chorus One), and Jake Brukhman (CoinFund) discuss evaluating crypto networks and what it means to have institutional investors paying attention to the space.

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Backing + Figment Capital

Figment Networks is backed by Figment Capital, a seed stage investor in all things decentralized. The goal is to invest capital + "hash power" into networks, and we do it through these two companies.

We are based in Canada and enjoy the benefits of close proximity to the US plus high levels of economic, political and social stability. The Canadian regulatory, privacy, and financial environment is favorable to crypto related operations.


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Andrew Cronk
Matt Harrop
Ryan Funduk
Graham Smith
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