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Figment Networks: Your Trusted Staking Partner

Offering institutional grade infrastructure, software, and governance solutions for networks, token investors, and enterprise clients.

Why Figment Networks?



30+ years of experience providing scaled secure data center, cloud, network, and software solutions.



Utilized by industry leading networks, VC funds, exchanges, custodians, and wallets.



We serve networks throughout the entirety of their lifecycle, from testnet, to launch, and beyond.


  • Enterprise-grade node services for 14 live networks.
  • Validator nodes hosted in a Tier IV IDC with 2N power and cooling, advanced climate control, redundant fibre, A+B power/network paths and biometric access control.
  • Sentry nodes hosted in North America, Europe and Asia across 5 public cloud providers, connected to IDC via redundant direct connections and VPN links.

Infrastructure Solutions


  • Remove barriers to participation for node operators, developers, and token holders through our information, alerting, tracking, and reporting tools.
  • Quick and easy way for developers and other third parties to start working with PoS blockchain data.
  • Scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure to help build decentralized applications.

Software Solutions


  • We make staying involved in critical governance activity easy with alerting, reporting, and tools. 
  • Be in a position to effectively participate, and assert influence to ensure the health of the network and grow your investment/community engagement.
  • Show your dedication to network growth by establishing an early governance position/framework in a very public process.

Governance Solutions

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